The kinky muddler is excellent for these summer conditions. Texas Fly Caster Location: Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX Waters: Lake Ray Roberts, Lewisville Lake, Trinity River, Other Local Waters Fish: Bass, Carp . Sheka Shrimp come in weighted and unweighted versions, with or without weed guards. Fools Gold crab pattern is my first choice for tailing Redfish. Marsh grasses remain a favorite destination for anglers hoping to hook reds. These 2hours are golden and what every redfish angler dreams of. The Chornobyl Crab is similar to the Ragin' Craven, with a deer hair body that traps air bubbles and makes a commotion in the water. The straight style, like the Straight-Shooter Crab pictured, has the hook shank positioned perpendicular to the crab body. Its a great pattern that has worked on many species for years now. It is a day that will live forever in infamy for Americans: the date of Dec. 7. There are various signs to look for to help us decide how to fish for them. Boat shoes are great, so you dont slip and slide around on deck. Strip this fly slow and with short pauses to allow it time to shimmer down into the water column. But this doesnt always mean you will be successful. I'll gladly give up February or August to expand the finest month on the calendar along the Texas coast. Caudal and dorsal fins poking above the surface usually give away the fishs presence. Possibly the most unique redfish destination is Mosquito Lagoon in east central Florida. This article will cover the flies that every fisherman should have in their box and the ones that work best when sight fishing to Redfish and Speckled Trout in the Gulf Coast region. For a slow-sink fly, a bucktail tail is good. If you find redfish feeding near the surface, a topwater fly works really well. The fools gold pattern is ideal for this as it sinks fast and has excellent movement in the water. Many anglers prefer an 8-weight fly rod for smaller redfish, but I usually throw big bushy redfish flies. Its tied on a size 1 through 2/0 Mustad 34007 hook, unweighted or with lead dumbbell eyes. The best fly choice: a good-size shrimp that sinks quickly. Reds can spot a bright Sheka Shrimp fly from a long distance and can be counted on to home in quickly for a fast meal. A 6-10wt setup will work just fine. Redfish can be found all along the coast, stretching from Texas, around the Gulf to Florida, and up the Atlantic to parts of the Northeast, preferring water temperatures between 65-85 degrees. It can be tied in sizes 1/0 - 10. 1.2 2. Pair the rod with a smooth drag reel and a floating line, and you are good to go. Short, quick, aggressive stripping will have the fly gurgling through the water and imitating a fleeing shrimp or wounded baitfish. Thanks for signing up! Sport Fishing Magazine may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. During the full-moon periods both months, anglers anchor along the edges of the channel between Blount Island and Mayport. The Clouser is a classic saltwater pattern for a variety of species, and for good reason. Proven fly patterns for summer Redfish are baitfish and shrimp patterns! It is tied in in smaller sizes, so it doesn't make much disturbance when it lands. As you work up either Florida coast, the flats-fishing remains similar from a technical point of view. Its an excellent pattern for the muddier waters where some surface movement is needed to grab the fishs attention. The full recipe for Redfish on the Half-Shell can be found here. Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | About | Contact | The Team | Advertise with Guide Recommended, Disclosure: "This site is owned and operated by River Traditions LLC, a limited liability company headquartered in Michigan, USA. Many anglers prefer an 8-weight fly rod for smaller redfish, but I usually throw big bushy redfish flies. Here in North Florida, this is usually in mid to late spring. The setup you choose to use depends entirely on your ability as a fly fisher. Most of the time fly-rodders are working from kayaks and canoes, casting to pushing fish or blind-casting to creek mouths. These Texas reds demonstrate typical shallow-water feeding behavior. The current Texas record is 59 1/2 pounds. Give us a call here at the shop at (888) 413-5211 or email us anytime at[emailprotected]. Texas Red Fish Adventures. Guide Tip: Redfish grow to true trophy sizes. The main exception exists in the rugged beauty of the south Texas, Port Mansfield and South Padre areas. If theres any wind at all, a 9-weight makes casting easier. Sign up to get the latest sales, new product updates, fly tying tutorials, and important news! The fly is best used in the colder months when the shrimps and crabs are absent. I like to think of it as the woolly bugger for reds. Saltwater Flies. Dupre can make custom colors if necessary. Most of them imitate the crabs, shrimp, and baitfish that make up the majority of the redfish diet. Youll end up tying this fly on very often because once you get that rush of adrenaline watching Redfish blow it up out of the water, you'll be addicted. Fly Tyer Magazine, "Guide Flies for Louisiana Redfish", Spring 2016 "Texas Redfish", Patagonia Blog, 2015. Most times, anglers fish shallow water thats clear enough to spot a 30-pound red, but it can quickly become quite murky after a cold front. We use giant Clouser flies teamed with super-fast-sinking fly lines that range from 450 to 700 grains. 7. Trinity Bay and East Bay. When the pelicans, gannets and larger gull species start wheeling around in open water, dont hesitate to investigate, Gardner says. The Spoonfly is about as weedless as the Johnson lure. The bull reds, on average, top the 20-pound mark, and they seem to number in the thousands. Texas Sporting Journal, "The Real Laguna Madre", July 2013 Flies with lead eyes are going to sink fast and are best used in water depths of 2+ feet or when you want to crawl your fly along a sandy bottom. This Louisiana classic is an easy and delicious way to serve redfish. All rights reserved. It rides high in the water column and will attract a red from some distance off. Equip your fly line with cast foam poppers, deer-hair bugs or shrimp and baitfish patterns for the classic approach to Snook fly fishing. It has a large front collar that pushes water and the head to tail contrast makes it highly visible and attractive to fish. If you're not a Texas resident you need to purchase a non-resident one-day all water fishing license (code 214). Because of the guttural drumming sound they can make, the term "drum" was a given name. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing reviews to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. Let a good casts worth of line drag behind you and start wading in about a foot of water. Redfish are resourceful and feed on a variety of crabs, shrimp, and baitfish. For small redfish, we suggest that you use a #2, #1, or a 1/0 circle hook. Snook thrive in water temperatures 70 degrees and above, so they'll be more easily spotted in the flats year-round or around coastal bays and beaches by late spring. Plan a winter fly-fishing trip around an afternoon rising tide. It flashes and dances so well that its easy to spot even 100 feet out in thick grass and cattails. It's an extremely beautiful river filled with large and catchable bass. You want to be in Port Aransas during the Fall Run to catch your next personal best sight casted Texas red drum on the fly. As you move south and west to the Venice and Grand Isle areas of Louisiana, the fishing changes a bit. This simple fly has heavy eyes and sinks quickly. However, if you venture out in the summer evenings, youll quickly understand how the area acquired its name. They also have to know when to cast and how long to let their offerings sink. He and his clients fish it slow, slower and slower still. The cost is $11.00 per person per day. The Razmatz is an excellent choice for a shallow, dirty water fly pattern. Days a . Easy to cast, and light enough to manipulate in a variety of ways once in the water. The best colors are chartreuse and pink chenille, and I will fish this pattern if nothing else is working. Just sales, new product updates, fly tying tutorials, and important news! McCord says theres nothing like the sight of redfish cruising a skinny shoreline with their backs fully out of the water, waving electric-turquoise spotted tails that can be seen from a hundred yards away. But for Bill Harvey, a biologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Aquatic Resource Protection . On warmer days, work a surface-popper or gurgler pattern in white or in dark colors such as black and purple. Its important to remember that thousands of redfish flies work very well. Texas Sporting Journal, "Light Tackling Tarpon", May 2015. If youre not ready when a school appears, youre out of luck. Redfish weighing less than 15 pounds can be landed using most any fly rod. Most guides say the best fly rod for redfish is a 9-foot, 8- or 9-weight rod paired to most any brand of saltwater reel and spooled with a warm-water, weight-forward floating line. This has all the characteristics of the Seaducer yet adds more of a shrimp look. Redfish are a staple on fly down South, and many a fly angler love to catch these fish throughout the year. Some even believe that this is an evolved strain of redfish, different from its relatives in the Atlantic and Gulf coastal waters. For more about chasing redfish with a fly rod, find Chico Fernandezs book Fly Fishing for Redfish. The basic shape of the fly tends to replicate many sources of the Redfishs diet, such as shrimp and crabs, and can be tied in countless color variations to suit all water clarities. When you select Wyld on the Fly as your guide for your next adventure, you can expect the . Redfish, big ones, are abundant, with fish in the 20- to 30-pound class available at times on barrier-island shoals that kiss the entire coastline of the Peach State. Sometimes, they can be a bit more technical. All of the fish you choose to keep must measure between 20-28 inches. Similar to the Clouser Minnow, this is a bright baitfish pattern that sinks quickly and stays deep. The weed guard is essential to the success of the fly. South Texas Sight Fishing Location: Aransas Pass, TX Waters: Port Aransas Area Waters Fish: Redfish Website. The central-coast redfish waters include the jetties of Port OConnor and the grass flats of Rockport, all with shorelines similar to those in Louisiana. In Georgia the water is dark and turbid, and the tides run hard and high. Located in the southern portion of the state, this river doesn't seem to belong in the desert. 4. They are known as bull reds. Trident Fly Fishing is a full-service fly shop. While these large flies are still useful to have during the summer . Most of them are caught in the marshes and coastal waters, but a few are targeted offshore. 2. Redfish are predominantly found in shallow waters, so a floating line will be just fine. Sharks can also be a drum indicator, she adds, because they like the same foods. When it comes to fly fishing, Texas is an up-and-coming state with a lot to offer anglers. The original pattern was tied with a tan Craft Fur tail, an orange/red Catcus Chenille body, and an olive streamer brush head; but, this fly is highly versatile and can be tied in many different colors, materials, and eyes. In the colder months having the waders is excellent to have to keep you warm and dry. Northeast Florida anglers seldom see cruising redfish beneath the surface. Its perfect to use right up against a grassy shoreline where shrimp are plentiful. The angel hairs hollow body gives bulk, and the bucktail and long hackle feathers give the tail lovely movement. A local captain knows where the fish were yesterday and runs a proper skiff designed to navigate the target waters. On the northern coast, the greenish, dark marsh waters of Sabine Pass gradually give way to the tinted shallow oceanfront bays and lagoons filled with oyster beds and a variety of marsh grasses. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Saltwater fly fishing is another craze that has taken root from Texas to Florida, and for good reason. Redfish range from Virginia (technically Massachusetts) south to the Keys, and then north and west along the entire Gulf Coast. Launch - Louis's Bait Camp 3510 Texas 6 / Hitchcock, TX 77563 / (409) 935-9050. Let's take a closer look at what awaits you on a Texas redfish adventure. Year-round you can fish redfish, but in the changing season, you also have black drum, sheepshead, sea trout, tarpon, and . Observe the size and type of baitfish that are up on the flats in high numbers and pick a fly that most closely resembles that. If youve fished for Redfish before or are researching Redfish flies, you will undoubtedly run across the Kwan fly. Keep flies with bead eyes and lead eyes available. Use a 9- to 10-foot leader with a 50-pound butt section tapered to a 20-pound class tippet and add afoot of 30-pound fluorocarbon as shock tippet for insurance. August 30, 2022 by Brent Pollock. Tailing fish set any anglers heart aflutter. Its all sight fishing from small kayaks, canoes and flats skiffs, and the fish go crazy for popping bugs, according to Wesley Parks, avid fly rodder and manager of McCoy Outdoors Fly Shop (334-432-3006) in nearby Mobile. Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine, "Exposure" Photo Essay, April 2015. Microscopic Monsters of the Ocean: King Mackerel, Protect the Blue Key West: Remote Control. Quickly toss the fly in front of the fish before it heads back out to sea. They are superb at grabbing the attention of fish from a distance, in murky water, or when the visibility is low. Almost any fly that imitates such forage works well. Iknow it works because the guides keep all my leftovers. Flies for Redfish. We respect your privacy. That means using stout tackle for casting: Try a 9-weight for fish to 20 pounds and a 10-weight for heavier bulls. Traveling angler and world-record holder Meredith McCord lives in Texas and fishes its flats for redfish every chance she gets. 1 artificial lure of all time for redfish. Chasing schools of bull reds offshore is an entirely different operation than flats-, channel and surf fishing, but that spectacular scene happens from North Carolina through northeast Florida and in the Gulf from Floridas panhandle past Louisiana. Just deals and news! Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Wyld on the Fly offers fly fishing guide services for the Corpus Christi, Rockport, Aransas Pass, Laguna Madre, Land Cut, and Baffin Bay waters. Seriously, it is less than 25 minute's total prep time! Fly fishing for redfish on the flats of Texas in a video from WildFly Productions. Longtime Georgia fly-fishing guide Larry Kennedy, owner of Bedford Sportsman Fly Shop (912-638-5454) on St. Simons Island, says that while a number of different flies work for Georgia redfish, his favorite is a small, all-black classic Wooly Bugger streamer. While flies with bead chain eyes (or no eyes at all) are best in water depths of 1 foot or less when you want your fly to stay out of the grass and near the surface. Weed guards are beneficial when targeting reds in shallow and marshy water. We spent 3 days exploring the area in search of Redfish. Potential Freshwater Walk in outing - (from Rob McConnell's Fly Fishing Houston book) Feb 28: Monthly Mtg. The daily bag on redfish in Texas is three fish in a slot limit of 20 to 28 inches . When: Summer and fall; Who: The following guides specialize in Texas redfishing: Middle Texas Coast: Capt. Location: Houston, Texas. Almost every saltwater fly shop has a variation of the traditional Kwan fly, or sometimes referred to as the Redfish Toad. Scientists have documented this redfish population as the first ever known to spawn in an estuary (versus offshore). 9 ft leader is standard with 25-30lbs breaking strain tippet. They will usually eat a well-placed fly with reckless abandon and can even be caught on topwater flies for redfish. I set the hook, and the fish rocketed along the shoreline, throwing mud and water. But many cutting-edge anglers are using flies that are constantly being tested by the ever-growing numbers of fly-rod redfishermen. Most guides say the best fly rod for redfish is a 9-foot, 8- or 9-weight rod paired to most any brand of saltwater reel and spooled with a warm-water, weight-forward floating line. Yes, there are a few minor differences, but they feed and act in the same way for the most part. Need something interesting to read, so post up your favorite redfish flies. It just seems to work and change my day around. Flies must get deep quickly to appeal to upper Gulf Coast redfish, he says. Big Y Fly Co best fishing flies for Texas, for your next fly fishing trip. Use a smaller hook in seasons with small game in great numbers, such as the Spring and Summer. ), water conditions the fly excels in, and how you like to fish it. This is where the big boys live. The Mangrove Baitfish is great for Florida and Lowcountry redfish thanks to its wide profile and snag-resistant design. Gene Montgomery (334-478-7440) is a Mobile, Alabama, high-school teacher with a passion for fly fishing. The fly is finished by tying in three dark but iridescent wild-turkey breast feathers that splay outward from the head over the hook point and bend, which makes it look very crab-like. But beyond that quintessential visual, if youre targeting reds in Texas, you might also hear the sound. The sound of a single red popping, gulping and smacking on shrimp. The wind did what it usually does to a spoon-fly and sailed it several feet off target. Fly fishing is more than catching fish, being in the outdoors with good friends and family is what it is all about. One fish though, when it's a nice redfish like those we caught that day, can do the soul a world of good. Rockport fly fishing is some of the best on the entire Texas Coast. Learn More. The fishing for trophy trout and redfish on Texas' Baffin Bay is nothing short of spectacular and our experienced guides can't wait to show you our neck of the woods. Dont try to feed a redfish a bonefish-size gotcha. This fish is looking for a meal, and it will eat just about anything it thinks it can fit in its mouth. Sheka ties them on a size 2 to 1/0 Mustad hook. Candy Corn Crawler is a great choice when targeting redfish. The fly doesnt really resemble anything specific, but it catches fish. If needed contact info - HERE, Disclosure: "This site is owned and operated by River Traditions LLC, a limited liability company headquartered in Michigan, USA. The Texas Toad, pictured above, is a good example of one such variation. A floating line will be just fine for most scenarios, but an intermediate line is excellent for the deeper water. Sometimes the bite is on and game fish will aggressively smack anything thats thrown in front of them. Miniard adds that when a red takes the fly and crushes down on it with its mouth, it feels the hard Furry Foam body coated with epoxy. This is a great fly for shallow water and smaller fish that aren't looking for a huge meal. These are all suggestions and please wear what you feel comfortable in. My choice would be a medium to fast action rod with some backbone to roll over the larger patterns. Tackle choices aside, the size of your fly can be the most important . I like the neutral colors for the Kwan in sizes #4. Greens and golds are the first choices in smaller #2 and #4. The fly is tied to look like a gaudy shrimp, which is something to keep in mind when viewing it. In this guide, we'll take you through the top species you can target, the best locales to cast your fly in, and much more, such as seasons, gear, and rules and regulations. Spoonfly In reds and greens on a size #1, this pattern wiggles and swims like an injured baitfish or crab. Thanks for signing up! While it was initially intended to target Redfish, it does equally as well for large Speckled Trout up on the flats. These trips are great for 1-2 anglers of all skill levels. Chasing Redfish Off the South Texas Gulf Coast. If your interested in having true experts teach how to chase reds get ahold of INDIGO GUIDE SERVICE. You still must put the fly in the right place, but you definitely need a 10-weight rod and a really big fly. From WildFly Productions: "Back in November, I made it down to the Texas Coast for a DIY saltwater trip with my buddy, Bryant. Summer Redfish Flies. With all the grass around, a weed guard is a must to be in with a shot at hooking a Red. You might see individual fish or, in certain areas, schools of a dozen or more. Imagine the crystal-clear waters of Mexico and the Caribbean, and then add in the bright copper of redfish cruising the white-sand flats and brilliantyellow grass beds. For example, this fly can be tied with the standard lead dumbbell eye that will make the fly sink fast and will give you a jig action. I bump up to a 5- to 6-inch mostly synthetic yet very puffy white fly for the big bull reds. Most are very bright-colored, which work well in the clear waters he fishes, where shrimp are an important forage. Next the tubing is poked at liberally with a needle or ice pick to unfurl the mylar, giving it a frizzy appearance. This is a variation of a fly tied by Jim Misiura. Chartreuse is a favorite color for warm-water predatory fish. Aransas Pass Fly Fishing. Youll end up tying this fly on very often because once you get that rush of adrenaline watching Redfish and Trout blow it up out of the water, you'll be addicted. The water is air-clear. Fiddler crabs, shrimp, and baitfish are on the menu, so its essential to have flies that imitate them. Its simple design is very deadly for many species, especially Redfish. The Merkin Crab is widely considered the most effective Permit fly ever conceived. Baitfish, crab, and shrimp patterns are . To find the best guides, contact a local fly shop. Keep your leader short and straightforward. . It is hand-tied by Jim Dupre and finished with an epoxy coating, making it bulletproof. Jim West, 409-996-3054 With hundreds of creeks, bays and tidal washes that abound in the area, this region is a vast labyrinth of dark-stained tidewater. Redfish fishing tips for fly anglers should include examples of the right gear for the job. The Devils River is legendary to anglers in Texas. Other examples include modified Divervariants and the Popcorn Shrimp. Take a look at the Sight Cast Spoon, it comes after years of research and field testing. He will say, however, t wasnt easy to develop. This pattern has many variations, but the concept remains the same. Best Time: Fall months: late August through November. Victor Browning Lake and Calaveras Lake. My hands shook. The fly has a monofilament weed guard and burnt-mono eyes. Winter Redfish are often larger, especially Bull Redfish, and typically are fished with flies in the 1/0 - 2/0 size range. Carry an intermediate line for the deeper waters, just in case. Doors open up at 6 p.m. and tickets are $60 for individuals and $70 for couples. I like tans, greens, and lighter colors. The grass beds of South Florida waters (above) attract school-size reds in great numbers. March 14: Exec Mtg - ZOOM March 10-12: Bolivar Marshes March 24-26: Harmon Creek Outing March 28: Monthly Mtg. He called in Alderman, who cast, dropped the Zap-A-Crab 4 feet from one of the fish and waggled his fly rod to make the rattles pulsate, and instantly the red turned to the fly, rushed it and took. That allows her to keep an eye on the fast-moving schools instead of focusing on tying knots and digging for tackle. Sneaky speckled trout can also be caught year-round moreover the seatrout here grow to trophy proportions like in the Laguna Madre. Galveston is one of the best places to target redfish in Texas and its surrounding areas. The fishing is good, but different, and the type of fly required to dupe reds is different too. On the inshore saltwater scene the Spoonfly has few peers. Theyre not as explosive or exciting as tarpon, or as elusive as bonefish and permit, but for East and Gulf coast fly-rod anglers, theyre easily accessible and extremely fun to catch. It's one . During the winter months, the water on the flats clears. Check out, Picture Source A huge thanks to the great folks at, Some of the amazing redfish pictures were provided by my buddies at. The olive and brown combo is my favorite on a size #1 hook. Big Carolina bull reds can weigh up to 80 pounds (the all-tackle world-record redfish a 94-plus-pounder was caught in 1984 out of Avon, North Carolina), so obviously they prefer larger bait, such as smelt, bunker and croaker, which also attract bigger birds. This small collection are the top flies for Redfish that we have found. (Editors note: Wherever you plan to fish, check that states redfish regulations for licensing, season and bag-limit information.). The pattern excels in stained/murky water thats very common along the Texas and Louisiana coast. In Texas,the redfish population was going into a serious decline in the80's..So with help of CCA one was started with later help of a $10mil.grant from Federal fish and wildlife.Now every year,they put 10-20 millions redfish fingerlings back into the water. I fell in love with the Spoonfly the first time I held one. Recommended Guide/Charter Service: Bones Fishing Guide Service (San Antonio, Calaveras Lake) This is one of the best guide services operating on Calaveras Lake for big redfish and catfish. Post by ellisredfish Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:50 pm. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Welcome to the Texas Coastal Bend. Read about, Both Tarpon and Redfish can haunt the same waters. Redfish Backstory Back in the 1970s, red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus (aka redfish, reds, or puppy drum) were rare as rocking horse teeth due to unsustainable harvests. Everyone has to know where the big rods are on the boat and how to quickly stash albie gear. The carnage happens fast. The bug is copper-colored, traditional bass-bug size, with a stainless hook and a Flashabou tail. They can be in water from 6 inches to 3feet, based on varying conditions of tide and temperature. Dustin's Destroyer, Chartreuse and White. A good deviation of this pattern that works well from Texas to Florida is the Brown-Noser fly. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Alderman is adamant that the rattles make a big difference in attracting redfish. It's a great pattern for sight fishing. This fly has a slow sink rate and suspends just below the surface of the water making this a great choice when sight fishing on the shallow flats. As we mentioned above, you can keep one Redfish measuring over 28 inches per year with your Red Drum Tag. The best is to get the fish to see the fly, and you will generally hook them. Offshore, in the surf, or next to deep channels are the ideal locations to use this fly. Here is a brief overview of some hot fly patterns in vogue today among the in the know coastal redfish angling set. Virtually every region of salt or brackish water in the greater Jacksonville area holds reds, according to local anglers. Raz Reed, who created the fly, also uses it for bass, something I havent tried yet but plan on tying up a few for my next bass mission. To see more of his photography go to We could fill a whole book with discussions of what Redfish eat in any given situation, but when deciding which fly to tie on,start with "matching the hatch". why did lost leblanc break up with katy,
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